Planning your online presence

Domain Hosting:

Host your domain with South Cape Net for R1000/annum [this includes the annual registration fee] and get my internet advertising package.

Marketing Strategy:

If your Company does not have a marketing strategy, we can work through the basics so that your execution is co-ordinated.

Defining your goals:

We will clearly define your goals and stick to them.

Preparing your online presence

Website Design & Maintenance:

If you host your domain with South Cape Net, I will design and build your website FREE provided you supply all images and text.

Search Engine Optimisation:

SEO is a specialized field and better left to the professionals. However, there are a number of things we can do to ensure your website is Search Engine friendly.

Design Studio:

I can design your Logos, Website Graphics, Social Media Graphics.

E-Mail Marketing

Let me help you set up yours on Mail Chimp [for <2 000 subscribers] and myPhpList for > 2 000 subscribers.

Content Creation:

I have a number of excellent journalists who write for me, and then I make sure that the content is search engine optimized.


Let me put you in touch with a number of really good photographers.

Video Productions:

South Cape Net is able to create different types of videos for different applications.

Online Publications:

The Gremlin is an online newspaper for the Garden Route & Klein Karoo.

Company Newsletters:

I can set up yours on Mail Chimp [for <2 000 subscribers] and myPhpList for > 2 000 subscribers.

Social Media Platforms:

Let me set up/help you improve your social media platforms.


Let me put you in touch with some influencers to boost your posts.

Google My Business:

I can help you set this up - including Google Maps.

Google Ads & Google Adsense:

I can help you advertise under the 'Sponsored Ads' at the top of the the search engine results and monetize your website so that advertisers pay you to advertise on your site.

Blogging & Vlogging:

Let me put you in touch with my favourite content creators in the area.


A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate conversations with human users.

Product Launches

Coming soon...


WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

Online Learning

Tutor LMS is an free & premium online tutoring platform for WordPress.

Target | Engage | Convert

Target your ideal customers:

Targeting the right customers is key, as 20% of your customers will generally bring in 80% of your turnover.

Engage your leads:

In the engagement phase, we will:

  • make first contact,
  • generate interest,
  • inform, educate and entertain them,
  • turn visitors into fans, and
  • establish and build credibility.

Convert leads into sales:

In the conversion phase, we will:

  • turn fans into leads, and
  • turn your leads into first-time buyers.

Customer Retention

Build a loyal following:

In build a loyal following phase, we will:

Build SOLID relationships, Add maximum value, Maximize lifetime value, Ensure retention and loyalty, Create a word-of-mouth army!


Evaluation Phase

In the evaluation phase, we will:

Tweak the ad campaign to best achieve your goals and calculate your ROI.

Try my Ad-hoc Starter Package

Creating/editing your Facebook page.  1x Mockup Video.  Creating a Custom Target Audience.  Running a Facebook Engagement Campaign.  1x 90-second Video.  Create a Landing Page.  Running a Facebook Conversion Campaign.  Evaluating the Campaign.

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