Yorkers Movers

Yorkers Movers was established in 2011 and was first known as Yorkers Mini Movers.

Our story, however, begins about 30 years prior, when as a young married couple settling in and building our careers had to move from a few rentals. Progressing to helping relieve family and friends’ stress with the disruption of moving your home or business.

From there we progressed into a fully-fledged business, with three key focus areas and head office in George and numerous vehicles to service our client needs.

Focus on moves in and around the Southern Cape and Klein Karoo, either from point A to point B inside your town or focus between towns in the area.

Our third focus area and a growing aspect as well is inter-provincial long hall as the Western Cape & our base area is a growth point with many people moving in and out.

Reliable with a proven track record is how I can describe our service.

We are contracted as a load-up-and-go service but offer a full range of services from cleaning the vacated premises on request to wrapping, packing, and Handyman services.

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