Ad-hoc Starter Package

This package includes:

Task Production Ad-spend
Creating/editing your Facebook page.
If you don’t already have a Facebook page, I will create one for you.  We will then need to make sure your page up to standard, with quality content aligned to the goals of the ad campaign. R100
1x Mockup Video. R250
I will create a mockup video to be used as a Facebook Page cover.
Creating a Custom Target Audience.
I will create a custom audience using your ideal customer avatar. R100
Running a Facebook Engagement Campaign. R500
This will be aimed at Likes, Shares, Comments, and Video views.
1x 90-second Video. R450
I will create a 90-second video specifically for your objective.
Evaluating the Campaign. R100
I will supply you with a report and some suggestions.
SUB-TOTAL R1000 R500
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