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You can no longer afford to ignore Social Media.  Get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Vimeo, and LinkedIn.  Share your articles on these platforms and make sure you have links to them on your site.  If you have a .html site then get a blog going where you publish articles that point back to your site.  A WordPress site will do this automatically.

Why LinkedIn is key to effective B2B digital marketing in 2020

It focuses not only on the demographics or interests of the users, but their education and workplace. And with high numbers of people making use of the platform as their online CV, it ends up being quite accurate too.

Why LinkedIn is more important than ever in 2019

With more than 600 million members from 200 countries in 2019, LinkedIn is still the largest professional networking platform in the world. LinkedIn members are also liking, commenting, and sharing at record rates – nearly twice that of 2018. Whether you use LinkedIn as a research platform, a space to network with new clients, or to advertise your available positions, the platform’s value continues to increase.

Between control and chaos: The future of Facebook as an ad vehicle

Media buying is an art and science. Unfortunately, there is another dichotomy in media buying these days — and that’s between control and chaos.

Creating Community on Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are very popular, and chances are high that you probably host or are a member of one or more Groups.  They can range from the good, the bad and the indifferent, with members that can be put into the same categories! Ultimately the goal is to create a Group that hosts an enthusiastic and engaged community, whether this is around your business or a common interest.  Here are a few insights to do just that.

Instagram, the new marketing hub for business growth

If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you have certainly noticed how social media has taken over life as we ‘used’ to know it. The new normal is people walk around with their faces buried in their phones catching up on the latest news and gossip, or following the new age celebrities (YouTubers/influencers) to find out where they are, what they’re up to, what they are eating – and more importantly for brands – what they are buying.

5 ways to make your event pay with social media

If you have a promotional stand at one of those really big happenings like a huge networking event, exhibition or national conference – are you maximising your presence there and ensuring you will get the best return on your promotional investment?

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