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Logos, Website Graphics, Social Media Graphics.

I believe that all the advertising material your Company puts out there MUST be an extension of your Marketing Strategy.

Too many Companies hand this responsibility to a web- or graphic designer with no brief regarding the Target Market or where it would like to Position its Product.

There are designers out there who simply ignore the brief and ‘do their own thing’ – and then expect to be paid.

I will consult with you before any design work is done:

  1. To clearly understand your Product and Target Market, or
  2. Formulate a basic Marketing Strategy around the campaign
  3. Agree on a structure for your Web Site.

I work on the ‘AIDA’ principle when designing printed material.

A = Attention – your first objective to grab attention.
I = Interest – once you have attention, you must create interest.
D = Desire – stimulate a desire for the product.
A = Action – a call to action eg. ‘buy one today’.

Logo Design

This is critical as it is where Branding begins.  Your logo should be a fairly simple vector* image that works in colour as well as in black and white.

* – A vector image has absolute borders between colours as opposed to a rastor image where colours fade into one another.

Web Graphics


Social Media Graphics

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