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Writing for online publications is a very different animal to writing for print.

Whereas with print, you are writing for your readers; with online you are writing for the search engine algorithms. This brings factors like keywords, keyword density, H-tags etc. into play.  Writing for the social media platforms is also a skill that has to be learned.

Few things detract from your credibility like poor quality content, riddled with grammatical and spelling errors.

It is amazing just how small the difference is between a successful article/ad campaign and an unsuccessful one.  The online space is so overcrowded that it’s easy to disappear in the noise.  It’s only those little things that ensure that you are heard and seen.

I have a number of excellent journalists who write for me, and then I make sure that the content is search engine optimized.

Writing for an ad campaign must be done in such a way that whatever platform you are using first accepts the content and does not annoy the users.

The length of your content depends on to what extent you want to qualify your leads.

Some examples of our work

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