Defining your goals

Why is it important to define your goals first?

  • Brand awareness

If you are launching a new business, product or service, establishing brand awareness may be your primary goal.  In this case, your marketing strategy would be aimed at generating exposure and awareness.

  • Generate sales

As your business, product or service is new to the market, it may be worth looking at:

  1. affiliate marketing programmes and exclusive offers,
  2. discounts, flash sales, special promotions, discounts, complimentary vouchers, and free shipping,
  3. using influencers who already have a following,
  4. collaborative marketing,
  5. social media advertising campaigns,
  6. blog posts.
  • Attract new target market

It’s always better to nurture a loyal client base over time than to focus on quick sales, so be patient.

  • Increase social media followers
  1. Target: Identify your ideal customers,
  2. Engage: Make contact, Generate interest, Educate, Build credibility.
  3. Convert: Turn fans into leads and leads into customers.
  4. Tribe: Turn customers into a loyal following that generates referrals.
  • Customer retention

After sales service, rewards.

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