Engage your leads

In the engagement phase, we will:

  1. make first contact with your prospective customers,
  2. generate interest,
  3. inform, educate and entertain them,
  4. turn visitors into fans, and
  5. establish and build credibility.

Organic reach on Facebook is now down to between 2-4%, which means that only a very small percentage of your fans will see your posts.  Only if there is engagement [likes, comments and shares] on the post will Facebook show it to more of your fans.  This has angered many people, but Facebook is a business, driven by profit – so best we accept it and move on.

Unfortunately, this means we now have to pay-to-play, but it’s still the most cost-effective solution available.

Facebook has also added mid-video and mid-Facebook Live ad rolls – another advertising possibility.

Further possibilities include:

  • Interactive content (slideshows, instant articles, quiz’s, etc.)
  • Groups,
  • Workplace,
  • Facebook TV,
  • Virtual Reality.

Step 1:  Page Setup.

  • Quality page content,
  • Build page likes.

Step 2: Engage with followers.

  • Choose objective,
  • Select the target audience,
  • What actions do you want people to take?
  • Decide on your budget.

Step 3: Launch & Monitor your Ad Campaign.

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