Convert leads into sales

In the conversion phase, we will:

  • turn fans into leads, and
  • turn your leads into first-time buyers.

At this point, we will aim for your return on investment [ROI] to begin outstripping your ad-spend.

‘Sales Funnel’, ‘Upsell’ and ‘sales ladder’ are not new concepts in marketing and work very well with Facebook Advertising.

Sales Funnel:

A sequence of sales and marketing actions to lead a prospect to become a paying client.

  • Sequence of adding value,
  • Build credibility & trust,
  • Mirror the buying process,
  • Keep it simple!


  • offer a free product or service and sell paid-for products once a relationship has been established.

Sales Ladder:

  • parents buy their child a VW Vivo when they go to University,
  • VW builds a relationship with the young adult over the years,
  • their new customer buys a Polo when they start working.
  • a Jetta when they get married,
  • a Passat when they start a family,
  • a Kombi when the kids need to be taxied around, and maybe even
  • a Caddy, a Transporter or a Crafter when they start their own business.

Then when their children leave school, they buy the latest entry-level vehicle and the cycle starts again.


Step 1:  Make an irresistible offer.

  • an irresistible offer [special discount or a free consultation] should only be given with a specific goal in mind,
  • either to get a contact email/phone number that becomes a lead.

Step 2:  Send your prospects to a landing page.

  • landing pages should only have one option – to opt in for a service or buy a product.
  • do not put any other links on your landing page.

Step 3:  Offer free instruction on how to use this product/service.

  • offering free instruction on how best to use the product/service makes the sale more enticing.
  • this can be done via a free webinar, explainer video, or simply a document with instructions.

Step 4:  Pay Facebook for results.

  • you only pay Facebook for the outcomes, e.g. for every page like or other engagement.

The steps from offer to sale may vary, depending on the price of the product/service.

Low Ticket Items:

  1. offer,
  2. sale,
  3. upsell.

Medium Ticket Items:

  1. offer,
  2. lead,
  3. sale,
  4. upsell.

High Ticket Items:

  1. offer,
  2. lead,
  3. lead nurture,
  4. sale,
  5. upsell,
  6. sale ladder.
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