Build a loyal following

In this phase, we will build a loyal following that generates even more leads through word of mouth.

It is generally believed that it costs 7-8x more to sell to a new customer than it does to sell to an existing customer.  Your existing customers are gold – treat them as such.  I, personally believe that losing a client is the single biggest loss a Company can suffer.  It should hurt!  Unless, of course, it’s a problem client who demands more than he/she pays for and doesn’t pay their account.  Calculate what a customer is worth to your business over a 5, 10 or even a 30-year period vs one that buys from you once.


  • Build SOLID relationships,
  • Add maximum value,
  • Maximize lifetime value,
  • Ensure retention and loyalty,
  • Create a word-of-mouth army!

High-Value Communication & Sequenced Offers:

  • The key to monetization is on-going communication,
  • Just keeping in touch is not good enough,
  • All comms have to be high value!
  • You should also make continual offers,
  • Ratio 3:1 value to offer.
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