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Your Company/Employer has a Website. You’re posting on Social Media and may even be advertising in the local press, but is it effective? Are you generating leads and turning them into loyal, paying customers?

As we emerge from this lockdown, your online presence will become critical to the success of your business in the years to come.

Too many Company websites are out of date because owners rely on their web developer [who doesn’t always have the same sense of urgency]. This can also be costly.

Very few Company websites generate sales leads because very few people know how to do this.

You have your hands full managing your business, and usually don’t have time to attend to this yourself.
Make it your post-COVID19 resolution to change that.

I have built over 100 websites since 1999, starting out with Html web builders, until I discovered WordPress in 2010. So, I believe I have web design under the belt. I have also taught myself graphic design, video and content creation, email marketing, and the distribution of company newsletters. I started an online newspaper in 2009, hoping that providing my domain hosting clients with advertising space would drive traffic to their websites. That has worked, but the advent of social media platforms has provided an advertising option that I can no longer ignore.

In years gone by you had to print 1000 pamphlets and post them to 1000 clients in order to reach 1000 prospects. The digital age has given us unlimited duplication and distribution using a single advert. Your business can also be open 24, 7, 3 6 5 – even if you don’t have a physical store or employees.

In the planning and preparation phase, we will make sure:

  1. that your marketing strategy outlines your Company’s objectives,
  2. that your website is up to date and is being maintained, and
  3. that your advertising material is an extension of your marketing strategy.

In the execution and evaluation phase, we will:

  1. target your ideal customers,
  2. make contact with them, establish and build credibility, generate interest, and educate them to the point where they realize they need your products and/or services,
  3. turn these leads into first-time buyers, and
  4. build a loyal customer base, that generates even more leads through word of mouth.

I will also be offering a number of free tutorial videos to followers of this page, starting with “Managing your own WordPress website”.

This is also an opportunity for employees to make themselves indispensable to the Company by taking responsibility for this function.

So, no more thinking of your advertising as an expense, but rather as an investment from which you expect a return.

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