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The Gremlin is an online newspaper for the Garden Route that is updated at 8 am and 2 pm weekdays.  International, National, Business and Sports news is updated at 8 am weekdays.  Local news for theGarden Route is-; the Regular Columns and any Press Releases are updated by 2 pm weekdays. 

Newsletters containing the latest news and some commentary are mailed to a permission based list at 8 am and 2 pm weekdays.  From here readers go to the web site to read the news.  

Statistics for July 2011 are as follows 

1.  Unique visitors = 10 600+
2.  Number of visits = 18 000+
3.  Pages viewed = 83 000+
4.  Hits = 600 000+
5.  Max unique visitors/day = 1628 


South Cape is planning the following publications: 

1.  XperienceSA
2.  Garden Route Business News
3.  MobiTeens
4.  MobiTweens
5.  Electronic Publications 

I suggest you follow The Gremlin for updates. 

1.  XperienceSA 

I have been approached by a Canadian Tour Operator to develop tours along the Garden Route.  The approach will be two-fold.

1.  List all Accommodation, Dining Out and Leisure to enable potential visitors to plan their own self-drive packages.
2.  Develop 3 to 14 day themed tours that will be booked and paid for by the Canadian Tour Operator. 

2.  Garden Route Business News 

I am in preliminary discussions with the George Business Chamber to launch an online publication to this end.  Content will be strictly Business-to-Business related – containing Business News of interest to Garden Route business owners as well as Press Releases. 

3.  MobiTeens 

MobiTeens is in the planning phase.  It will be a weekly mobizine [mms delivered to a permission-based list].  Content will be of interest to the 13-19 year old age group and will give companies who target that market an advertising and communication medium to reach them. 

4.  MobiTweens 

MobiTweens is also in the planning phase.  The MO will be the same as for MobiTeens, but it will be aimed at the age group 6-12 years old. 

5.  Electronic Publications 

Got a book in you?  Electronic Publications is also in the planning phase.  It will be a service where clients can submit a book for publication.  These will be produced in electronic format and sold off the internet.

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