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South Cape Net believes that all the advertising material your Company puts out there MUST be an extension of your Marketing Strategy.

Too many Companies hand this responsibility to a web- or graphic designer with no brief regarding the Target Market or where it would like to Position its Product.

There are designers out there who simply ignore the brief and ‘do their own thing’ – and then expect to be paid.

I will consult with you before any design work is done:

  1. To clearly understand your Product and Target Market, or
  2. Formulate a basic Marketing Strategy around the campaign
  3. Agree on a structure for your Web Site.


This is critical as it is where Branding begins.  Your logo should be a fairly simple vector* image that works in colour as well as in black and white.

* – A vector image has absolute borders between colours as opposed to a rastor image where colours fade into one another.


I work on the ‘AIDA’ principle when designing printed material.

A = Attention – your first objective to grab attention.
I = Interest – once you have attention, you must create interest.
D = Desire – stimulate a desire for the product.
A = Action – a call to action eg. ‘buy one today’.


I still do some .html web design, but only for simple, photo-album type sites.  However, the internet has evolved into what we call Web 2.  The so-called Content Management System [CMS] platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc have given us the tool with which we can:

  1. Take complete control of content management – no more waiting for your webmaster to make changes.
  2. Drive your internet marketing strategy by writing and publishing articles.
  3. Fully integrates with the Social Media Platforms.


The Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and the Blogs have turned Internet Marketing into a self-service commodity.  Marketing personnel are now actively promoting Companies using their own content aimed at the niche markets created by the Social Media Platforms.  Facebook has 750 million users worldwide and can no longer be ignored as a marketing medium.  Google+ is launching an alternative to Facebook and I will watch this development with interest.  I can assist you to get started with Social Media.

Please feel free to visit the LINKS page for my portfolio.

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